Benefits of the JDLink App

By: Maria Ely
Data Management Coordinator
Gooseneck Implement

Accessibility and reliability are key factors to getting a job done in this current technology driven era, with no exception to farming. Farmers are now able to use a smart phone to assist everyday practices on their operation.  From managing data, to knowing what codes each piece of equipment has thrown, smartphones and tablets are the tools for the job.

JDLINK4JDLink, the farm and equipment managing program that is accessible on, is also an app available on your smartphone.  This app has useful information for farmers and dealers alike.  For example, the JDLink app allows the user to get directions to the exact location of a piece of equipment using Google Maps. If your JDLink equipped machine throws a code, the code is logged with time and date for later viewing and troubleshooting.  In addition, viewing how much fuel has been used, at what rate, and during which activity level is easy information to access. The amount of time a piece of equipment has been in transport, idle, and working can be viewed in pie chart, making analyzing this data a breeze.

With remote display access (RDA) on the JDLink app, instantaneously viewing the display in a piece of equipment from your smart phone is now possible. The Gooseneck Implement team also has access to this tool, with your permission, to help you with any problems you may run across.  This can be very helpful when talking through a question or issue that might happen with the John Deere GS3 2630 display out in the field.  To ensure security and safety, the only way to “push buttons” on the display is in the cab, in person, not through RDA. RDA allows you to see exactly what is happening on the display without being in the cab.

JDLink capabilities come standard on most R Series tractors, S Series combines, and 2012 and newer sprayers.   An active subscription is needed to be able to view equipment information on either the website or the app. Subscription range from 1-3 years and are handled through Stellar Support.

The JDLink app is available on iTunes and the Google Play Store and both are free to download; you just need to have your username and password to log in.

While looking for this app, check out the other apps John Deere has to offer. Have you downloaded any yet? If you have any questions the Gooseneck Integrated Solutions department would be willing to help you out!


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