Arlo Borud



Arlo Borud went to work for Gooseneck Implement in Kenmare as a salesman for his brother, Darrell Borud, in 1978.  He worked there until December 1980 when he and his wife, Faye, bought the John Deere dealership in Stanley.  He was owner/manager of Borud Implement until September 2004 when he sold out to Gooseneck Implement.  Arlo remained on as a salesman, where he is currently at today.


Throughout Arlo’s 40-year career he has seen some big changes, the biggest changes have been in the size & price of the equipment, size of the farms, and the many different crops raised in our trade area today.  We, as a dealer, still focus on being a full-service dealership with John Deere parts, used & new John Deere equipment, and qualified technicians to perform the service work needed to fix everything from lawn mowers to the big stuff.  Also, the technology to make all the machines run properly during the season to eliminate downtime.


Arlo’s favorite part about working for Gooseneck Implement is the people he gets to work with every day that help make the customers more profitable and Gooseneck Implement more profitable. “I am proud to say that I have worked with 3rd generation farm families who have been very loyal customers”.  Arlo says, “I look at them as not customers but TRUE FRIENDS that I truly respect and they respect me.  Three sayings I used while out selling that always got a chuckle out of my customers.  1)  I’m not here to sell you but I’m here to help you buy.  2)  I don’t want all of your money, I only want part of it.  3)  There are two kinds of people, those that have John Deere’s and those that wished they did.”


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