Harvest is under way – a message from Scott Kraft, Precision Ag Manager

The new John Deere S700 combine is the most advanced combine ever built. Back in my day, we had to watch the return sample and the grain tank sample and then get out and see what was coming out of the back of the combine. We had to do this off and on throughout the day as conditions changed. As the day got hotter we could slow things down so we did not over-thrash our product and make the grain tank dirty. As we went through a green area in the field, we increased rotor speed and fan speed to keep things moving, and then we closed the sieve if the grain tank was getting dirty, and we opened it if we were throwing grain into the return elevator. Sometimes we had to open the concave or close it to get better straw quality. WOW, we had a lot of things going on!IMG_0076_polarr

Now with the new S700 combine and all of the corresponding technology you can set it and (almost) forget it. With the Combine Advisor™ package, plus Terrain Adjustment™ and Auto Maintain this combine will do all of that for you.  Now we have customers running the combine with this technology turned on, and they do nothing but turn around at the end of the field (well almost). This combine is adjusting things all day long and is keeping the grain tank just as clean as when we set it at the start of the day, even when conditions are changing.

My PostPrior to the S700, it was normal for a combine to vary from 2% dockage to 4 or 5% throughout the day. Now the customers are telling us that when they set it and calibrate it, they will maintain 1% or less all day long. With the ActiveVision™ cameras, the technology is doing all the adjustments for you and faster than you could have with an older machine. This combine is awesome.

Watch our page for a featured video on the new S700 combines, to be released shortly.


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