Gooseneck to Launch Virtual Tech Program

Arkansas State University-Beebe is expanding its John Deere Agricultural Technology training program to include a virtual training program, to include a new dealership partner, Gooseneck Implement, based out of Minot, ND.

The new partnership, facilitated by John Deere, will involve ASU-Beebe’s John Deere Ag Tech program providing accredited John Deere instruction remotely from the Beebe Campus to support training for Gooseneck’s technicians at 13 store locations in North and South Dakota.  The remote program with ASU-Beebe offers Gooseneck a method to recruit and train technicians who are looking to facilitate career growth and income potential while furthering their education.

ASU-Beebe Department Head/Advanced Instructor Shawn Taillon said the concept grew out of having to adapt instruction to remote delivery for Beebe students during COVID-19 restrictions in early 2020.  With the request of Gooseneck Implement to John Deere to provide assistance in the virtual John Deere Ag Tech space, Deere recommended ASU-Beebe based on their accomplishments in the remote delivery from COVID restrictions.

“The public health crisis has forced us to re-think how we deliver instruction.  This has been challenging, but one of the positive outcomes of this work is the pilot project to offer the John Deere Ag Tech curriculum virtually. We are honored to work with John Deere and Gooseneck Implement to expand the impact of this outstanding ASU-Beebe program.”

Dr. Jennifer Methvin – ASU-Beebe Chancellor

Gooseneck Implement noted that ASU-Beebe was selected from a number of schools currently offering on-campus John Deere programs and were vetted by John Deere to meet the industry needs for the future of Ag Tech technician training.  A strong influence was the fact that ASU-Beebe’s John Deere Agriculture Technology program earned distinction having won the “College of Tomorrow” Award from John Deere with the highest ranking of Platinum four years in a row for 2015 thru 2018.

“We are excited about this new opportunity to work with ASU-Beebe and get high quality John Deere training for our current and future employees. The ability to work with John Deere on this program was essential, and we appreciate the effort put forth by John Deere and ASU-Beebe to launch this innovative educational experience.”

Jamie Melgaard – Gooseneck Implement Chief Executive Officer

North Dakota residents interested in training to be a John Deere Agricultural Equipment Technician should see the careers section of the Gooseneck website https://gooseneckimp.com/VirtualJDTech and the Agricultural Equipment Technology page with ASU-Beebe for program information http://www.asub.edu/ag-tech/index.aspx and the college’s admissions page http://www.asub.edu/admissions/index.aspx for information on how to apply to the college program.

Arkansas State University-Beebe is an operationally separate, two-year institution of the Arkansas State University System. With campuses located in Beebe, Heber Springs, Searcy, Little Rock Air Force Base, and online. The college offers associate degrees, technical certificates, and non-credit training for business and industry. The Beebe campus also collaborates with A-State, a four-year university in Jonesboro, to offer baccalaureate and graduate degrees on the Beebe campus. ASU-Beebe is nationally recognized by the Aspen Institute for student success rates.

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