SATT Training at Gooseneck Implement and Inventing a Tool

Recently I was able to chat with Layne Bjergaard about SATT Training. Layne is a Set-up Technician at the Minot store.

Specialized Accelerated Technical Training (SATT) is our internal tech enhancement training program designed to decrease diagnostic time and improve labor performance while accelerating technician abilities. The focus for the SATT team is to develop challenging curriculum that aligns with our SATT vision, to utilize pre and post testing with timed events to simulate field repairs, as well as less equipment down time which creates more value for our customers.

Layne was extremely impressed with this training program, and it exceeded his expectations. “SATT Training does not have a typical teacher/student feel, but it is very hands-on, Bjergaard says. The experience is more down-to-Earth and personal, which is what Layne says he enjoyed the most.

“SATT Training does not have a typical teacher/student fee, but it is very hands-on.”

Layne Bjergaard, Technician, Gooseneck Implement – Minot, ND

Layne completed his SATT Training in Williston. In this classroom, a Gator was set up, which participants were able to use diagnostics equipment on. He has completed the Electrical and Service Advisor training and recommends them to everyone. “Even if you’ve been working for 15 years or so, this is a good refresher for everyone,” Bjergaard says.

When he isn’t attending SATT classes Layne is busy thinking up new ways to solve old problems. One of the old problems was his numerous encounters with air-seeder meters. It had bothered him that he could not get his tuning rings perfectly centered and tightly placed together. So, Layne created an air-seeder meter tuning ring tool. This tool ensures that the tuning rings will be centered on the meter to limit wear. Also, by using this tool, the tuning rings will be tightly placed together.

We want to thank Layne for his time, for talking about SATT and for utilizing creative problem solving to create a new solution for an old problem.

Article written by Kinsey Schepp, Business Development Coordinator at Gooseneck Implement

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